The world is in a wild place right now. There is upheaval, conflict, revolution, and confusion. Our personal dreams have been in flux and for many of us it’s been difficult to navigate these last few months. 

Maybe it’s time to take a pause. Maybe it is time to regroup, come back to our center, and take a breath. How do we get our bearings again when the world as we know it is burning down around us? 

We start with ourselves. 

To get centered in ever-changing times we need to be grounded and present in our bodies and connect with supportive community. We need to come back home to ourselves. When we commit to our rootedness, our passion, and intent we feel nurtured. We can do this in community with tender, loving care for ourselves and others. We are in this together. 

Join us for the inaugural Warrior Goddess Summer Camp to rediscover joy and play the Warrior Goddess way. We created this intentional space to rejuvenate our spirits and feed our souls from the heaviness of the world. A place to come be yourselves fully without judgement. To just be for a while. 

If you’re needing some respite from the bombardment of disaster-mind then join us for a weekend of creativity, movement, play, and magic as we sit around the virtual campfire and tend to our own inner fire.

When? July 31 at 7pm CT thru August 2nd 12pm CT

Where? Online in the Warrior Goddess Women with HeatherAsh Amara Facebook Group

What? Live and pre-recorded sessions shared with a sense of play and the feel of summer camp

Who? Sessions will be facilitated by HeatherAsh Amara and the Warrior Goddess Leadership Team
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