Return to Center with HeatherAsh
 Daily Practices for a Balanced Life

With these five Return to Center audio meditations and visualizations you will begin your day by grounding into a state of balance and end it by recalling any energy you may have lost during the day through the Toltec practice of recapitulation.

Used together as part of a regular practice, these visualizations will help you feel more connected to the earthbring more energy into your being, and clear out that which is no longer serving and supporting you.

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This 5 part audio collection includes:

A daily morning grounding practice – By starting each and every day with a practice of grounding and connecting with the earth you set the tone for your entire day. This short but potent visualization is designed to quickly but effectively bring your focus back in alignment with yourself and with Mother Earth. I’ve also included a short recording describing why it is so important to ground ourselves daily.

A daily evening recapitulation practice – Recapitulation is the Toltec practice of using your breath and intent to reclaim energy you’ve lost in the past. By using the practice I’ll share with you, you’ll learn to pull old energy back into your body and make it available for you to use in the present. I have found this to be one of the most powerful tools in my energetic “tool box”. Included you will find a recording in which I share with you information about recapitulation as well as another recording where I walk you through the process step by step

✔ An in-depth Chakra clearing visualization – This longer visualization will walk you through each of your energetic centers. Use this awareness and cleansing practice any time your energy is feeling heavy or you need an energetic “tune-up”