The Warrior Goddess Scholarship Application

Scholarship Guidelines & Application Form

The Warrior Goddess community is a circle of vibrant, passionate teachers, leaders, healers, and changemakers catalyzing inner and outer transformation in individual, community, and global systems. We blend ceremony and practical teachings to ignite the fires of awareness, creativity, and connection to reconnect people to intimacy with themselves and with the flow of Life, and to empower them to embody their power and claim their voice. We offer deeply-transformation and highly-respected workshops, retreats, power journeys, and leadership trainings around the world. The intent behind our scholarship program is to support committed individuals who want to participate in our collective mission by becoming Warrior Goddesses within their local community and the global revolution, but who otherwise would not be able to enroll at full registration rate and applicable fees.

Please read these guidelines thoroughly before applying for a partial scholarship:

Availability & Amount

Whenever we are able to provide scholarships for a particular course or program, our partial scholarship can cover up to as much as a 50% of the full costPlease only apply for a scholarship if you are able to pay for at least 50% of the  course fees. We make every effort to offer partial scholarships for the majority of the programs that we offer.


Please complete and submit the application form. Those who are already enrolled in a particular program are not eligible to receive a scholarship for that program retroactively. 

Application Submissions

You may submit a scholarship application as soon as a particular program is announced and for as long as it is listed on the Scholarship Application Form.

Acceptance Notifications

Our scholarship determinations are made by our scholarship team once we know the approximate number of students enrolling at the regular rate.  We issue our scholarship acceptance notifications by email. We do not offer our early registration bonuses to scholarship recipients. 

Refund Policy for Scholarship Participants

We invite you to be energetically and fiercely committed to program participation, so the portion of the program paid by scholarship recipients is non-refundable.

Partial Scholarship Application Form

If you have read the above guidelines and would like to apply for a partial scholarship to offset the registration and program fees for a particular program, and if you are not already enrolled in that program at full rate.